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Economic Development Journal is the premier publication of our profession, featuring in-depth articles on important programs, projects, and trends in the United States and around the world.

Published quarterly, the Journal is free to IEDC members. Members can browse previous issues below, listed chronologically with the most recent first. Entire issues or individual articles can be downloaded as PDFs.

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Fall 2020

• Creating More Seats at the Table: How an Inclusive Development Framework Can Help Support Equity and Economic Recovery
• Reopening After a Disaster...It's Complicated: How EDOs Can Support Small Business Recovery
• Whitehall Works: Starting an Economic Development Podcast in Whitehall, Ohio
• Understanding Philanthropic Resources in Community Economic Development: A Guide for Economic Development Practitioners
• Living and Working Downtown: Is It a Population Growth Engine for Small Cities?
• How to Run an Economic Rescue: A Field Guide for Rescue Leaders

Summer 2020

• Data, People and Place: Approaches to Equitable Economic Development Across Scales and Sectors
• Identifying Industry Clusters: Northern Colorado’s Collaborative Twist on an Established Strategy
• Catapult: Startup to Storefront
• Succession Planning, Employee Ownership, and Baby Boomer Business Retirements
• Drawn Together: Arts & Economic Development
• Planning for Emergence: How Can Economic Developers Respond to Food-System Change?

Spring 2020

• The Dallas-Fort Worth Area: An Improbable Economic Superstar
• Eds and Meds: The Role of Anchor Institutions in the Economic Development of Dallas and Other Cities
• Housing Is Where Jobs Go to Sleep at Night
• The Site Selection Sweepstakes: The Dallas-Ft. Worth Experience
• We've Traded Stability for Growth: It's Time to Trade Some Growth for Stability
• Career-Connected Learning: Community Colleges as Workforce Incubators & Drivers of Regional Economies

Winter 2020

• 25 Marketing Ideas You Can Steal: From Talent Attraction to Branding and Websites, Tactics That Move the Needle
• Repurposing the Giant: The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again) of the Suburban Office Campus with the Metroburb
• Small Cities That Thrive by Applying Livability Principles
• All In: Developing Inclusive Workforce Strategies
• Is It/Was It a Good Deal: Making the Case for Economic Development Incentive Evaluation
• Multi-Use Trails and Greenways as Economic Development Engines

Fall 2019

• What Is Blockchain? A Primer for Why It Matters for Economic Development
• Ann Arbor SPARK: Developing an Entrepreneurial Tech Hub in the Midwest
• The Great Miami Riverway in Southwest Ohio
• Introduction to the Legal Cannabis Economy: The Calgary Experience
• Big Impacts, Small Towns: Rural Placemaking
• The Shortfall in the Production of Housing and Its Effects: Policy Recommendations to Increase Housing Supply

Summer 2019

• Made in the City: Urban Industry in the Digital Age
• Fighting Neighborhood Decay: From Blight to Bright
• Gig and Independent Work: A New Frontier for Economic Development
• Opportunity Zones: How to Maximize Your Community's Investment Potential
• The Industrial Economy as a Key to Equitable Economic Growth: Lessons Learned from Duluth, Minnesota
• Workforce Development - Facing a Shortage of Skilled Labor: Rethinking Vocational Education

Spring 2019

• Creating Destinations for Talent
• The Journey from Military to Modern Mixed-Use
• Relationships and Collaboration Drive Innovative Hoosier Economic Development Strategies
• Building Economies That Work for Everyone
• Creating Stellar Communities
• Housing and Placemaking in Plainfield, Indiana

Winter 2019

• Fresno County Economic Development Corporation's New Employment Opportunities Program
• Early Childhood Development as Economic Development
• Communicating Across Generations
• Capitalizing on Outdoor Recreation
• From Global to Local
• Accelerating American Rural Economic Development

Fall 2018

• The Changing Energy Landscape: The Trends and Future of Energy in America
• Advancing Economic Equity and Inclusion: How the City of Minneapolis Is Investing in Small Business Owners to Reduce Disparities and Grow the Local Economy
• From Mall to Mixed Use: The Role of the Public Sector
• Innovation in Bethlehem: Anything but Run of the Mill
• Driving State Initiatives Through Partnerships Rooted in Collective Impact
• The Impacts of Arts Events Venues on Smaller Downtowns: The Go-to Method Cannot Properly Assess Them

Summer 2018

• Economic Development Leadership: Practice the Essentials to Recover Quickly in a Time of Crisis
• Public-Private Partnerships: Delivering Civic Infrastructure through P3s
• Economic Development after Dark: Making the Case for a Night Mayor
• Aging as an Engine of Innovation, Business Development, and Employment Growth: Facilitating Age-Related Economic Development
• Navigating the Site Development Process: Communities Prepare for Success in the Industrial Real Estate Market
• Towards Creating a Stronger Relationship Between the Public Sector's Land-Use Planners and Economic Development Professionals: Establishing a Shared Understanding

Spring 2018

• Auburn Avenue: Legacy’s Role in the Redevelopment of Atlanta’s Historic Street of Dreams
• Strengthening Atlanta’s Commercial Corridors: Investments in Activation
• The Research Institution: An Economic Primer
• Infrastructure as a Catalyst for Inclusive Development: The Atlanta BeltLine and Columbus RiverWalk Projects
• Aerotropolis Atlanta: Expanding Development and Prosperity around the World’s Busiest Airport
• Golden Rules: Evaluating Retiree-Based Economic Development in Georgia

Winter 2018

• Intentional Management: Three Basic Fundamentals Every Micropolitan and Rural EDO Should Address
• The Forgotten Sector: Focusing on Home-Based Businesses
• Getting Retail Ready: Designing a Downtown Retail Leasing Strategy and Why It's Not All about the Numbers
• Grow Lee: Overcoming Challenges for Developing the Future Workforce in Lee County, Iowa
• SoloWork: A New Job Creation Program
• Modern ED Marketing - Social Media: Use It or Lose It

Fall 2017

• Planting the Seeds for an AgTech Innovation Ecosystem: How Salinas, California, Went from Salad Bowl of the World to Global AgTech Hub
• TEAM: Washington State's Approach to Economic Development
• Scioto Greenways: A River Runs through It
• Driving Business Retention, Expansion and Attraction Programs to a Higher Level through Talent Pipeline Management: Sector Partnerships as the Vehicle
• The Nonprofit Academy in San Diego: Building Strong Nonprofits to Drive Economic Development
• The Economic Impact of Major Events: Implications for Elected Officials, Economic Developers, and Policy Makers

Summer 2017

• The Lansing Lugnuts Outfield Redevelopment Project: Leveraging a Public Asset to Create Private Development
• Tolerance and Inclusion: How Millennial Social Values Are Reshaping How Communities Grow and Attract Jobs
• Launching World-Class Water Technology in the Heart of Milwaukee: The BREW Accelerator Unleashes Water Innovation
• Process-Based Workforce Development in the New Economy: The Case of the Alabama Robotics Technology Park
• Quality-of-Life Based Retail Recruitment: Communities With Populations Under 35,000
• Long-Term, Spatially Coordinated Economic Development Makes Sense: Evidence for Economic Developers

Spring 2017

• Building High Calibre City Data: A Critical Tool to Drive Economic Development and Inclusive Prosperity in Cities
• Urban Economic Development in a Rural Context: Preparing for the Future in Orillia
• Digital Disruption: Jobs and Social Policy in the New Economy
• Cultural Economies: What Are They and How Do We Build Them?
• Driving a Prosperous Future: Economic Analysis of the Lasting Impact of Ontario Universities
• Urban Tech Sector Growth Drives Economic Resilience: Examining Resilience in the Toronto Tech Ecosystem

Winter 2017

• Strategic Transportation Investments for Economic Development: Making the Connection Work for You
• Open for Business: Industrial Site Readiness
• Small Business Growth: A New Priority for Urban Economic Developers
• Lessons from the Coal Industry Transition: Regional Economic Adjustment in the 21st Century Economy
• Building Regional Public-Private Partnerships for Economic Growth
• Main Street Movement Revitalizes Its Approach: A New Focus on Economic Transformation in Our Downtowns

Fall 2016

• IEDC's 90th Anniversary: In Celebration of the Economic Developer
• Shifting Value Propositions: The Next Generation of Economic Development
• Walt D'Alessio: A Legacy of Impact in Philadelphia
• In Honor of Edward deLuca (1910-1985)
• The "I" in IEDC: A History of IEDC's International Engagements and Growth
• Economic Development: A Misunderstood Profession and Practice?
• Mr. California Economic Development: Wayne Schell - Making a Difference
• Paul Strasbaugh: Pioneer of Economic Development in Post-War America
• "What Are They Going to Call It?"

Summer 2016

• Global Competitiveness and Local Business Development: How Communities Are Integrating Trade and Exports into Long-Term Strategies
• The Six Biggest Mistakes in Economic Development Marketing: A Candid Look at "Worst Practices" and How to Avoid Them
• New Disclosure Rules and the Future of Incentives: Preparing for Transparency as the New Norm
• The CEO as Urban Statesman: Unique Solutions to Fix Economic Development Problems that Defy Elected Officials
• Vacant Spaces to Happening Places: The Case for Preservation and Reuse
• Celebrate the Baby Boomers: How Older Workers Are Invigorating the Economy and How Economic Developers Can Help

Spring 2016

• Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor: An Asset Based Strategy for Economic Growth
• Accelerating Urban Manufacturing: Looking beyond Gazelles and Start-ups
• The Rebirth of a City: Revitalizing Downtown Youngstown, Ohio
• The Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center: Economic Diversification as a Cornerstone to Reinvention and Long-term Stability of the Ohio Economy
• The Van Aken District: A Model for First Suburb Revitalization

Winter 2016

• A Model-Setting Approach for Putting High Barrier Individuals to Work in Metro Atlanta: Fostering Economic Development at the Most Personal Level
• Labor Economics Information and Data: Removing the Fear of Locating Rural
• Public Spaces Community Places - A Crowdfunding Initiative: Adding "Human Touch" Is Transforming Michigan Communities
• Make It. MSP. - Creating a Talent Start-up: Using the Lean Start-up Method to Launch a New Talent Retention and Attraction Initiative in Minneapolis-Saint Paul
• Columbus Commons: The Evolution from a Desolate Mall to a Premier Park
• The Importance of Affordable Housing to Economic Competitiveness: Thinking Critically About the Challenges

Fall 2015

• Brewing Growth: Regional Craft Breweries and Emerging Economic Development Opportunities
• Embracing a 3-Dimensional Economic Future: The Story of Hudson Valley 3D Printing
• WT Enterprise Center - Incubation with Urgency: A Flourishing Local Ecosystem in the Texas Panhandle
• Creative Placemaking: Putting the Arts to Work for Economic Development
• Connecting Heritage Assets to Modern Market Demand: Reinventing the Textile Industry and Restoring Community Vitality to Rural North Carolina
• Rural Entrepreneurship as an Economic Development Strategy: The Case of NAFTA Impacted Counties in Georgia

Summer 2015

• When Three Equals One: Triple Bottom Line Economic Development
• Economies of Scale: Managing Today's Workforce Challenges in Micropolitan and Rural Communities
• Northern New Mexico's Venture Acceleration Fund: A Scalable Model for Communities
• Making (and Measuring) an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: The Right Metrics for the Right Stage of Development
• Extending Foreign Trade Zone Status to a Single Manufacturer: The Economic Developer's Role in the Subzone Designation Process
• Tightening Truck Capacity Looms Over Shippers

Spring 2015

• An Unexpected Journey: Anchorage's Pathway to Economic Development
• Resource Revenues and Fiscal Sustainability: Lessons of the Alaska Disconnect
• Mining and Sustainable Communities: A Case Study of the Red Dog Mine
• Alaska's Nonprofit Sector: Generating Economic Impact
• Economic Development Financing: Developing the "Last Frontier"
• The Determinants of Small Business Success in Alaska: A Special Focus on the Creative Class

Winter 2015

• Cultivating a Green Thumb for Economic Growth: A Closer Look at the Impact of Economic Gardening
• Manufacturing a Future that Works: A Small Community's Big Solution to Align Manufacturing Needs with Education in Lincoln County, NC
• New Incentives and Opportunities for Hospitals to Engage in Local Economic Development: Reshaping the Role that Hospitals Play in Their Communities
• Saving a Base, Reshaping a City: A Story about Building a Partnership between the Navy and the City of Virginia Beach
• Six Questions and Six Keys to Better Fundraising: Leveraging Passion, Courage, and Leadership to Elevate Performance and Raise More Money
• Sustainable Economic Development as a Cluster Strategy: Austin's Recycling Economic Development Program

Fall 2014

• Taking the Mystery out of Best Places Rankings: 13 Rankings That Matter Most and the Methods and Madness behind Them
• Innovative Land Swap Proves Economic Catalyst for Uptown Charlotte
• Are Economic Developers Asking Universities to Participate in the Development of Their State's Economies?
• Building a 21st Century Workforce: The Alamo Academies
• The New Economy and the Future of Competitiveness and Innovation: Policy Ideas for an Evolving Economy
• Walking: A Path to Prosperity, Health, and Social Capital

Summer 2014

• "We Will Not Let This Place Dry Up and Blow Away": An Economic Development Story
• The Uptown Consortium, Inc. in Cincinnati: Leveraging Anchor Institutions to Strengthen Neighborhoods
• Vegas 2.0: Rebooting Nevada's Economic Engine
• Power & Water: Milwaukee's Elemental Economic Strategy
• Connecting Danville, Virginia, to the Future: Deployment of a Municipal Broadband Network

Spring 2014

• "Coopetition": A Regional Approach Is Driving Big Business to North Texas
• Convergence, Connectivity, Creativity: The AllianceTexas® Story
• Airports and Regions: The Economic Connection - The Economic Impact of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Provides a Model Case Study for the Significant Contributions of the Airport to the North Texas Region
• A Fort Worth Renaissance: How the Trinity River Vision Project Is Shaping the Future of Fort Worth
• Electricity as an Indispensable Economic Driver: Competitive Pricing and an Innovative System Attract Business to Texas
• Dallas-Fort Worth: Responding to the Financial Crisis and the Arrival of the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program

Winter 2014

• Growing Forward in Response to an Economic Disaster: The Success of Wilmington and Clinton County, Ohio
• Sabre Industries Expansion Project: Growth of Advanced Manufacturing in the Heartland: Retaining a Major Employer in Sioux City, Iowa
• Do-It-Yourself Economic Growth: How Communities Can Cultivate Their Talent and Thrive
• Laying the Groundwork: How to Prepare Your Downtown for Retail Growth
• Creating a Private Sector EDO: Chesterfield County (SC) Economic Development Alliance

Fall 2013

• The Coming Era of Sustainability: Directives for Competitive Communities
•Building Capacity, Strengthening Talent for Florida's Global Trade & Logistics Industry
• Attracting Foreign Direct Investment through "Soft-Landings" Initiatives Global Perspectives and Best Practices
• Mindsets that Build Bridges across Cultures and Champion Latino Small Businesses
• The Future of Economic Development Subsidies: More Transparent, Location-Efficient, and Risk-Averse
• Rebuilding the Local Food System: A Local and Regional Economic Development Strategy

Summer 2013

• The Future of Jobs
• Boston's Back Streets: Supporting Urban Industrial
• Promoting Economic Development Through Foreign Direct Investment: The Pros and Cons of Becoming and Running an EB-5 Regional Center
• E-Marketing: How EDOs Can Help Independent Downtown Merchants Engage Effectively in E-Marketing
• Brownfield Redevelopments: Stop Bypassing This Opportunity to Revitalize a Central Business District
• When the Lights Go Out: Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Spring 2013

• Diversifying Downtown from the Ground Up
• Innovation in Economic Development: Transforming Philadelphia’s Economy
• Manufacturing the Future: Greater Philadelphia in the 21st Century
• The Art of Tourism: How Arts & Culture Fuels the Tourism Economy
• When Partnerships Work in Marketing a Region
• A River Runs Through Them: The Story of Philadelphia and Camden’s Downtown Waterfront Revivals
• Supporting the Southeastern Pennsylvania Life Sciences Industry
• The World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia
• Recession and Recovery: Economic Performance in the Third Federal Reserve District
• Transit-Oriented Development in the Greater Philadelphia Region

Winter 2013

• Manufacturing: Reshoring Tools to Retain Companies and Attract Foreign Direct Investment
• Deserted No Longer: Improving Fresh Food Access in Newark
• Revitalizing Regional Economies by Accelerating Entrepreneurial Successes
• Economic Catalyst for Community Transformation: The Business Depot Ogden
• Small Business Innovation Initiative in Minnesota: The Importance of Providing Entrepreneurs with Access
• GEN Busting: Terminating Tension on the Team

Fall 2012

• Global Logistics Trends: New Economic Development Opportunities Based on Today's Shifting Global Supply Chains and Increasing E-Commerce Segment of the Retail Industry
• Eighteen Years Later: Catching Up with the Dallas In-Town Housing Program
• Supporting Rural Entrepreneurship: Models from North Carolina
• Inclusive Clusters: Embedding Inclusiveness in Cluster Policy and Practice
• The Power of Collaboration: Supporting Entrepreneurs
• The JOBS Act - Crowdfunding and Beyond: Social Networking Meets Angel Investing

Summer 2012

• U.S. Manufacturing Decline and Economic Development Prospects: What States and Localities Can Do
• Keeping Hometown Businesses at Home: Using an Employee Ownership Plan for Business Continuity
• The Forgotten Fifth?: Understanding and Supporting Your Community's Independent Workforce
• Going Global: Best Practices in International Business Development
• Form-Based Codes: Economic Benefits of Place-Based Regulations
• Building a Community Brand: The Basics

Spring 2012

• Economic Outlook: A Case Study of Houston and Texas
• The Wrong Side of Main Street: Revitalizing the East Side of Downtown Houston
• Opportunities Abound in Aerospace Industry Transition: NASA's Expertise to Be Incorporated into Industry Sectors beyond that of Aerospace
• Galveston's Business Recovery Plan: Disaster Recovery - from Theory to Practice
• Panama Canal "Game Change" Depends on Who Provides the Best "Playing Fields": Port of Houston Prepares for the Challenge
• Synergies between Economic Development and Public Policy: Energy Collaborative Committee's Strategy

» Entire Spring 2012 issue

Winter 2012

• Unleashing Fundamental Change: Networking Transformational Thinking and Action Through Economic Development
• Clean Energy: An Ultra-Dynamic Game of Chess
• Turning Coal into Diamonds: The Ottawa Power Station Redevelopment Project
• Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Northwest Florida: A Multidimensional Strategy for Building an Innovation-based Economy
• Sustainable Lisle Business Partnership: Green By Choice
• Auto: One of the Most Significant Industries in North America

Fall 2011

• The New Economic Development Playbook: Focus on Talent, High Growth Companies & Competitive Advantages
• Your Major Employer Leaves - Now What?: Nine Steps to Economic Recovery
• Responding to Globalization: NEOTEC Initiatives Connect Northeast Ohio to the World
• Serving Second-Stage Companies: A Different Approach to Cluster Development
• It Takes a Village: How The Idea Village Is Stimulating an Entrepreneurial Movement in New Orleans
• The Early Roots of San Diego's Innovation Economy: The Role of Civic Leadership and Land Use Decisions in the Region's Economic Transformation

Summer 2011

• Ten Years after the Merger: A Celebration of IEDC and Its Forerunners
• Economic Development in the Post Crisis Era: Globalization’s Evolving Opportunities, Challenges & Tensions
• Incentives 2.0: Rewarding Sustainable Development and Social Accountability
• Large-Scale Redevelopment in Challenging Times: Jacksonville, Florida, Engages a Private Master Developer to Realize the Community’s Economic Development Vision
• Riding the Waves of the Economic Storm: How One Southern California City Pulled Together Its Resources to Build a Strong Foundation for Recovery

Spring 2011

• Charlotte Regional Partnership: Celebrating 20 Years of Success
• Center City Charlotte: Breaking Through: Strategies for Economic Development
• Charlotte USA Energizes Economic Development: A Region Redefines the Energy Industry
• Creating Economic Opportunity: Multi-Jurisdictional Parks as a Product Development Tool
• A New City for a New Century: Kannapolis, NC
• Turning the Fleet: North Carolina's Public University System Promotes Innovation Development and Transfer

» Entire Spring 2011 issue

Winter 2011

• From Lone Rangers to Collaborative Communities: Finding the Cutting Edge in Economic Development Practice
• Fostering an Entrepreneurial Spirit: Southwest Initiative Foundation Helps Keep Businesses Growing in Southwest Minnesota
• Planning for Historic Preservation & New Job Creation: The Dubuque/IBM Project
• U.S.SourceLink: Making the U.S. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Visible
• Workforce Development that Supports Economic Development: Building Skills for Job Growth
• Scorecard: Financing Economic Development

Fall 2010

• New Markets Tax Credits: A Growing String of Successes Across the Country
• Utilizing Early-Stage Capital to Create New Companies and New Jobs: Starting New Ventures in Your Region
• Regionalism: A Dynamic Strategy for Economic Growth
• Turning Fairfield, Iowa into a Rural Renaissance City: The Power of the Entrepreneurial Class
• Creating Economic Development Opportunities: The Case for Regional Multiple-Site Business Incubator Networks
• Achieving Economic Development Through Workforce Development: The Progress of Four South Georgia Counties in the Georgia Work Ready Program

Summer 2010

• Economic Gardening: An Entrepreneurial Alternative to Traditional Economic Development Strategies
• Boosting Laborforce Competitiveness in Wayne County, North Carolina: The Wayne Occupational Readiness Keys for Success Initiative
• Entrepreneurial Success: The Purdue Research Foundation Finds the Right Formula
• A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: How Economic Development CEOs Add Value in a Down Economy
• Beyond the Research Park: Diversifying Economic Development in College Towns
• Strength in Numbers: The Coastal Bend Region's Efforts to Prepare Its Workforce for Tomorrow

Spring 2010

• Innovation and Transformation in the Buckeye State: Ohio Offers a National Model for Technology Based Economic Development
• Unique Collaboration Bolsters Central Ohio's Entrepreneurial Capacity
• Change the Conversation: How Economic Development Teams Must Move up the Value Proposition Scale with Business Leaders
• Hometown Entrepreneurs: Creative Approaches to Nurturing Businesses
• Sector Based Talent Attraction & Retention: A Case Study of the Columbus Logistics Industry
• Creekside District: A Case for the Main Street Approach®: A New Venture in Economic Restructuring

» Entire Spring 2010 issue

Winter 2010

• Transforming Blight into a Community Asset: The Story of Market Creek Plaza
• Pursuing the Best and Brightest: Talent Attraction as an Economic Driver
• Amenity-driven Economic Growth: Is It Worth Betting On?
• Building Sustainable Communities for America's Military Families: The Story of Army Hawaii Family Housing
• Quantitative Marketing: Why Business Responds to Location Comparison Studies
• Place-based Economy: Growing Smarter with a Restorative Local and Green Economy

Fall 2009

• TechLink: Developing Technology Partnerships with the Department of Defense
• Bringing Back the Culture of Entrepreneurship: The Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club of Juneau County, Wisconsin
• Webster Goes Green: Green Commercial Building Tax Abatement Program Launches in Webster, Texas
• The Business Incubator on Wheels: Bringing Entrepreneurial Services to the Rural Communities in Louisiana
• Chesapeake Science & Security Corridor: A Regional Approach to BRAC Implementation in the Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) Community
• The Electric Company to the Rescue: Saving America's Industrial Heartland Through Electric Rate Incentives

Summer 2009

• Find a Way or Make One: Lessons Learned from Case Studies of Small Town Development
• Public/Private Partnership Gives Rise to a Pioneering Success: 1,500-Acre Village West Tourism District, Kansas City, Kansas
• City of Boulder, Colorado's, Flexible Rebate Incentive Program: Economic Development Through Sustainability
• Partnerships and Collaboration: The Story of Danville, Virginia's, Economic Transformation
• Utah - Military Operations and Economic Development: Strengthening Military Jobs in the State
• Social Network Analysis: Its Use in Local Economic Development

Spring 2009

• Depressing the Tracks and Elevating the Economy: A City Accustomed to Booms and Busts Invests in a Long-term Strategy for an Improved Investment Climate
• The Use of Retail Development in the Revitalization of Central Business Districts: A Closer Look at Downtown Reno Revitalization
• Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center: A Public-Private Partnership with a Large Footprint
• Reducing Water for Agriculture Cultivation in the Walker Basin: Economic Impacts and Economic Development Opportunities
• Residential Adaptive Reuse and In-Fill Development: The Use of Transformative Residential Development in Reno
• Commuting, Competition and Leakages at the Carson City-Douglas County Border in Nevada: Feasibility of Fiscal Cooperation

» Entire Spring 2009 issue

Winter 2009

• Coming Full Circle: The End of the Small Business Era?
• Economic Development and U.S. State Film Incentives: The Rush to Attract Film Production
• Benchmarking Innovation: How to Build a Regional Innovation Index
• Arts, Culture, and Economic Development: Planning the Creative Age in San Antonio
• Opportunities in a Recession: Cultivating the Innovation Assets Required for Venture Capital Investment
• BRAC: A Regional Opportunity - Preparing for Growth in the Fort Bragg Region

Fall 2008

• Bridging the Financial Gap: Double and Triple Bottom Line Investment Funds
• WiFi as a Backend Economic Development Driver: The Failure and Lessons of Municipal Wireless in Post-Katrina New Orleans
• Energizing Entrepreneurs: Development Strategy for the 21st Century
• Does Place Matter Anymore?...Yes, But!: Communities Learn to Survive and Thrive in the Chaotic Global Economy
• The Rise of Tech Valley: A Collaborative Partnership Helps Revitalize a Region through Technology-based Economic Development Initiatives
• The Fort Benjamin Harrison Reuse Authority Land Swap: An Economic Development Land Exchange that Creatively Exemplifies a True Win-Win-Win

Summer 2008

• Leveraging Private Industry Intellectual Property Assets: A New Strategy for Regional Technology-Led Economic Development
• Five Ways for Communities to Shape Their Broadband Futures: Creating the Infrastructure to Participate in the Global Economy
• Fostering the Business of Games: Seattle Area's Support of the Emerging Technology Cluster of Video Games
• A Green Paradigm: Sustainable Economic Development Practices
• A Unique Partnership Protects Defense Economy and Ecosystems: The Northwest Florida Greenway
• Social Capital: A Local Development Tool

Spring 2008

• Work Ready: A Formula to Develop Georgia's 21st Century Workforce
• Buildings for the Next Billion: Examining High Performance Green Buildings to Support Sustainable Growth and High Quality of Life Measures
• MaconNOW!: Middle Georgia's Answer to Adversity
• The Economic Development-Urban Design Link in Brownfield Redevelopment: Learning from Atlantic Station
• Embracing Creativity: An Economic Development Strategy
• Moving into the Future: Solutions for Wastewater Treatment in Rapid Growth Areas

Winter 2008

• The Calf Rarely Brands Itself: And Other Thoughts on Successful Place Branding
• KCSourceLink: Integrating Local Service Providers to Connect Entrepreneurs with the Right Resource at the Right Time
• Fort Knox 2005 BRAC: An Opportunity for Regional Growth
• Non-Traditional Economic Development: A Southern City Takes a New Direction
• From Main Street to the Governor's Office: An Alliance for Economic Redevelopment
• Historic Preservation and Cluster Based Economic Development: Building the Future on the Foundation of the Past

Fall 2007

• Measuring Up: Assessing Economic Structure for Success in the New Economy
• Excellent People. Excellent Performance. Excellent Value: The Campaign to Save the 1,200 Jobs of the Cleveland Defense Finance and Accounting Service
• Pivot Point, Yuma: A Partnership Effort to Redevelop Yuma's Downtown Riverfront
• Community Capitalism: Kalamazoo Comes Back from the Brink
• Partnership Builds a Knowledge Economy in Ponca City, Oklahoma: Rural Community Connects with Corporation and University to Reinvent Its Economy
• Critical Steps in the Cluster Building Process: The Art and Science of Cluster-based Economic Development

Summer 2007

• U.S. Film Commissions & Hollywood
• Reinvesting in Older Industrial Cities
• The California Innovation Corridor
• New Tools for Economic Development Targeting and Strategy
• Do Structured International Trade Missions Improve Corporate Performance?
• Ex-Im Bank: A Valuable Partner Helping U.S. Small Businesses Grow through Exporting

Spring 2007

• Defining Economic Development Leadership for the 21st Century Global Economy
• Population Growth in Arizona: The Limitations of Land and Infrastructure
• Driving Arizona's Global Economy
• Partnerships Which Changed the Course of the Bioindustry in Arizona
• Housing Affordability and Workforce Housing Initiatives
• Economic and Workforce Development - K through 12 Education Issues

Winter 2007

• Realizing the Inner City Retail Opportunity: Progress and New Directions
• Strategic Execution in Economic Development: Getting the Results You Want
• Can We Have a High-End Retail Department Store?: How to Tell if Your Region Is Ready
• Edgewater: The Power of Public-Private Partnerships-Transforming a Brownfield into a Mixed-Use Destination
• Building Innovative Communities: Connecting Research to Local Community Resources
• Economic Development Strategic Planning: Preparing for an Industrial Location Project in Enterprise, Alabama

Fall 2006

• Creating Economic Clusters: The Policy Challenge
• BRAC-onomic Development: Pursuing the "Art-of-the-Possible"
• Does Rural Land-Use Planning and Zoning Enhance Local Economic Development?
• Implementing Strategic Change at the Charlotte Regional Partnership
• Structuring a Successful Greenhouse Cluster in Northwest Ohio
• Professional and Business Services in Regional Economies: Growth and Gaps

Summer 2006

• Corporate America Speaks: Best Places and Best Practices in Economic Development Marketing
• The Office/Industrial Land Dilemma: A Study of the Blackstone River Corridor in Massachusetts
• What Is the Local Wal-Mart Effect?: An Analysis of the Research
• Benchmarking the Creative Class at the Local Level: A Case Study of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area
• Griffiss Business and Technology Park: Successful Redevelopment of a Military Installation Supports a New Regional Vision
• Growing Small and Medium-Size Enterprises Through Partnerships: REI of Oklahoma

Spring 2006

• New York City in the 21st Century- A Story of Perseverance, Innovation, and Recovery: Why New York City Is Stronger Than Ever
• No Small Plans: The Rebirth of Economic Development in New York City
• Sustainable Solutions: The Pursuit of Environmental Justice in the South Bronx
• Creative New York: From Arts Organizations to Ad Agencies, New York's Vast Creative Sector Is One of the City's Most Important, and Least Understood Economic Assets
• Union Square Park, From Blight to Bloom: How a Business Improvement District Brought a Neighborhood Back to Life
• Building the High-Tech Future: New York State's Centers of Excellence Provide Platform for Business Growth and Job Creation

Winter 2006

• Manufacturing Jobs 2005-2010: Medium-Term Strategies for Long-Term Realities
• Short Line Railroads in Economic Development: Growing Pressure to Shift Freight from Highways to Rail
• New York State's Brownfield Cleanup Tax Credit Program: A New Tool for the Economic Developer
• Purposeful Networking: The Secret to Efficient and Effective Economic Development Management
• Fishing Without a Hook: Making Community Advertising Work
• The Memphis Depot Business Park: A Smooth Transformation from a Military Supply Depot

Fall 2005

• Commercial Development Impact Analysis Before and After Construction: A Case Study
• What's the Difference Between Good and Great Economic Developers?: Surprisingly Little if You Follow These 12 Steps
• Chicago Curbs Restrictive Land Use Covenants: Bans Grocers and Drugstores from Using Covenants to Foil Competition
• Pounding the Pavement: Pearland's Path to Business Retention & Expansion Success
• 21st Century Jobs: Identifying the Challenges in Baltimore County, Maryland
• Cluster Monitor: A Guide for Analyzing Industry Clusters in Regional Economies

Summer 2005

• Staying Small by Thinking Big: Growth Management Strategies for Small Towns
• Business Improvement Districts Reach Europe: Adopting and Adapting the BID Concept
• Involving the Public in Economic Development: It's More than Just Holding a Few Meetings
• Prospering in an Era of Economic Transformation: Putting "Development" Back in Economic Development
• Stability, Solid as Bedrock: Privatization at the Former Newark (Ohio) Air Force Base
• Site Selection Technology Paradigm Shift: Making the Case for a New Technology Driven Information Infrastructure
• The Employment Beta: A New Criterion for Targeting Industries

Spring 2005

• The Millennium Park Effect: Creating a Cultural Venue with an Economic Impact
• The Green Development in Chicago: Making Chicago an Environmentally Friendly City
• The Greater Chicago Region: A Logistics Epicenter
• A Vision for Change: Renewing Chicago's Public Housing
• CenterPoint Intermodal Center: Transforming the Joliet Arsenal into a Manufacturing and Distribution Business Park
• The O'Hare Modernization Program: Maintaining the Aviation Crossroads of North America
• Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises Competing in the Global Economy: A Rising Force in Economic Development

Winter 2005

• Fostering Emerging Technology Sectors in Arlington County: An Economic Development Strategy for Knowledge Creation and Innovation
• Program for the Rural Carolinas: Philanthropic "Venture Capital" for Rural Economic Development
• Building a High-Impact Board-CEO Partnership: Leadership for Changing, Challenging Times
• Premises and Performance of Headquarters Hotels: Consultant Mis-estimates and Market Realities
• Identifying Economic Development Leadership and Program Requirements: Connecting Economic Expectations and Outcomes
• Aviation and Development: Living Together: Retaining Military Activity while Ensuring Regional Economic Expansion

Fall 2004

Town and Gown: The Impact of Universities on City Budgets
Downtown Development on the Metropolitan Fringe: Building on the Exurban Community's Sense of Place and Market Potential
A Regional Strategy to Help Small Companies Navigate the Maze of Homeland Security Opportunities: From Defense Dependency to Diversification (and Now Back?)
In Plain Sight: Crafting a 21st Century Future for Northern Plains Communities
The Power of Information in Economic Development: Discovering New Markets in Inner-City Neighborhoods
Gaining a Competitive Edge: Building Effective Workforce and Economic Development Partnerships

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Summer 2004

Small Business Vitality & Economic Development: Fact or Fiction?
Back to BRAC: Base Closures as Development Opportunities
Effective Community Involvement and Partnerships: Utilizing Partnerships and Advisory Boards in Brownfields Redevelopment Initiatives
Information Technology for Economic Development: Automating, Improving, and Innovating the Practice
The Alabama Industrial Incentives Offered to Hyundai: A Value Driven Management Analysis
Business Improvement Districts: Partnering for Economic Development

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Spring 2004

Regional Collaboration and Economic Development, St. Louis Style: Building Bridges and By-Passing Obstacles to Regional Competitiveness
Downtown St. Louis Reborn: Effective Planning and Leadership Attract Investment and New Residents
The Entrepreneurial Spirit of St. Louis: How the Region Re-Energized Its Small Business Heritage
Economic Development and the Halls of Ivy: The Contribution and Role of St. Louis's Major Universities
Technology Clusters in St. Louis: Sharpening Focus and Building a Base for Tomorrow's Regional Economy
The Frontier This Time: Can the Plant and Life Sciences Move St. Louis Back to the Leading Edge?
A Renaissance in Neighborhood and "Main Street" Business Districts: Demand for Urban Living Drives Rising Property Values, Neighborhood Improvements and Unique Places to Dine, Shop, and Stroll
Incentives for Economic Development: A Wide and Effective Set of Economic Development Incentives Available in St. Louis

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Winter 2004

From Superfund Site to Wired City: Tacoma Rides Public-Private Model to Rebirth
Transportation Gateways for Rural Development: A Perspective on the Highway/Rail Debate
A Seat at the Table: Finding a Place for a Local Economic Development Program
Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport: A Model of Joint Military and Civilian Economic Development
Preservation and Housing As Catalysts for Economic Growth: A Look at the Impacts of the Massachusetts Community Preservation Act
Reconnecting Leadership Within Development: Local Practitioners and Regional Leaders Disconnected

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Fall 2003

Paradise Lost?: Miami, Immigration and Economic Development
Growing Bypassed Communities: The Potential of UNterstate Highways
Tucson's Commercial Property Online: A Case Study in GIS and Economic Development
Mexico vs. China: Globalization Impact on the U.S. Economy
Fostering Rural Community Competitiveness in a Knowledge-Driven Economy: A North Carolina Case Study
A Military Transfer and Conversion Success Story: The Tri-City Port Experience

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Summer 2003

A View From Corporate America: Best Practices and Best Places
Fort Leonard Wood Technology Park: A Department of Defense Enhanced Use Lease Success Story
The Power of Entrepreneurial Networking: Creating and Nurturing Networks
Distribution Center Site Selection: Separating Transportation From Other Factors, Including Retailer Culture
Inner City Economic Revitalization: Universities Rev Their Engines
Under Sustainability: Rebuilding the Local Economic Development Tool Box
Can We Maintain the American Dream?: How Many Jobs Can the U.S. Afford to Lose?

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Spring 2003

Riverfront Investment: Economic Impact on the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area
Town and Gown: Making Institutional and Community Development Work Together
Revitalizing the Urban Core: The Case for Downtown Cincinnati Housing
A Technology-Based Economy Takes Flight in Dayton, Ohio: An Air Force Base and a City Grow Up Together
Technology-Based Economic Development: A Collaborative, Regional Approach to Expanding High-Growth, High-Potential Industry
Police-Community Relations: Laying the Foundation for Prosperity
Using Gap Analysis as the Foundation for Economic Development Through Arts and Culture: The Cincinnati Model
Leadership: The Bedrock of Regional Economic Development - More Important Than Ever

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Winter 2003

Montréal Makes an Encore: Successful Transition to the Knowledge Economy
Montréal International: Ensuring Metro Montréal Continues to Be One Big Success Story
Quebec's Attraction and Retention Strategy: Getting Businesses to Invest Is Just Half the Battle
Tourism and the Economy: The Montréal Experience
Hydro-Québec: At the Dawn of the Third Millennium

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Fall 2002

Anatomy of a Project: Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Those Changes
The Brooks City-Base Project: Demonstrating a New Way of Operating a Military Install