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Economic Development Now

Economic Development Now is the IEDC member newsletter produced in conjunction with the Economic Development Now blog. Archives are available to members as PDFs. Currently, archival issues from 2007 - 2013 are available. Preceding years are forthcoming.

Click on an issue's date to download the PDF.

December 14, 2009
• Starting a New Conversation: Understanding and Working with Second-Stage Entrepreneurs

November 23, 2009
• Economic Developers Can Help Companies Prepare for Emissions Scrutiny
• Complex, But Worth It: A Case Study on Using New Markets Tax Credits in Arkansas

November 9, 2009
• To Focus Your Business Retention Efforts, Imagine, Then Create
• A Brief Overview of the Auto Industry's Recent Troubles, and How it Matters to Economic Developers
• IEDC President & CEO to Be Honored by The Flax Trust of Northern Ireland

October 19, 2009
• How to Get Started with Workforce Partners
• Business Retention & Expansion Strategies that Work in a Recession
• Restructuring Marketing Models for New Opportunities in FDI

September 21, 2009
• How Are Economic Developers Using Social Media?
• EB-5 Investor Program Helps Communities Tap Foreign Capital for Domestic Economic Development

September 8, 2009
• Getting to Know You: How to Help Retailers, Landlords in Tough Times
• Retail Case Study: FOCUS INDY, Fostering Commercial Urban Strategies in Indianapolis

August 24, 2009
• What Makes a Trade Mission Effective?
• Conflict of Interest Policies Matter. Is Yours Up to Date?

August 10, 2009
• What Makes for a Dynamic EDO Board Member? A Checklist for Nominations
• Should Impact Fees Be Reduced in a Recession?

July 20, 2009
• The Personal Touch Makes a Difference: A Site Selection Case Study
• Best Practices from Your Peers: Economic Development Strategies for the Global Economy

July 6, 2009
• IEDC's New Climate Prosperity Handbook Puts Communities on the Path to Sustainability and Economic Growth
• In the Spirit of Continual Excellence: Benchmarking High-Performance EDOs

June 22, 2009
• Cities' Recession Responses: Staying the Course, But Getting Creative Too

June 8, 2009
• Why Innovation Matters, and What Matters to Innovation: People, Places and Strategy
• Conference Close-Up: Two Innovative Initiatives

May 18, 2009
• Business Attraction and Expansion Despite the Headlines
• Solar Assessment District Program Looks Like a Promising, Green Local Stimulus

May 4, 2009
• Retrofit Traditional Economic Development Functions to Seize Green Opportunities
• Using Business Retention Interviews to Foster Joint Ventures in Your Community

April 20, 2009
• Lessons from The Research Triangle Park: Vision, Strategy and Cooperation Create Resilience
• Business Improvement Districts Face the Recession

April 6, 2009
• Regional Knowledge Ecosystems: Laying the Groundwork for Future Technology-Based Economic Development
• Ten Smart Practices for Implementing Job Retention Incentives

March 23, 2009
• Why You Should Be Building an Innovation-Based Economy in the Midst of a Recession, and Some Tips for How to Do It
• Home-Grown Stimulus Plans: How Communities Are Responding to the Recession

March 9, 2009
• Wondering About the Use of Social Networking? Stop Questioning and Start Experimenting
• Action Steps to Increase the Value of the Economic Development Profession, Part 2: In a Down Economy, Shift from Transactions to System-Based Economic Development

February 16, 2009
• $787 Billion Economic Recovery Package Clears Congress; Focuses On Long-Term Competitiveness, in Addition to Job Creation
• Five Action Steps to Increase the Value of the Economic Development Profession: Step One - Designate a Stimulus Package Subject-Matter Expert

February 2, 2009
• Balancing Public and Private Funding: Advice for Smaller EDOs

January 19, 2009
• Getting Money Out of Banks and Into Local Businesses

January 5, 2009
• Stimulus Talk Sounds Promising for Economic Development
• Three Things You Should Be Doing to Help Your Manufacturers

December 15, 2008
• Short-Term Stimulus and Long-Term Sustainability: Shaping IEDC's Approach - A Letter from IEDC President and CEO Jeff Finkle, CEcD
• Risks and Opportunities Facing the Economic Development Profession: How to Stay Relevant in Changing Times

November 17, 2008
• Attracting and Engaging Next-Generation Workers in Akron

November 3, 2008
• You Can't Cut Your Way to Prosperity: Why in Tight Budget Times, Funding for Economic Development Is More Important Than Ever
• Richard Florida at IEDC's Annual Conference: "We Have an Obligation as a Profession to Lead the Way Out"
• Gas Prices Are Down, But Sustainability is Here to Stay

October 13, 2008
• Weathering the Storm: How the Financial Crisis is Affecting Your Peers
• Building International Partnerships for FDI Success
• IEDC Plays a Role In Helping Texas Recover from Hurricane Ike

September 22, 2008
• The Research Support Fund: How Dunedin City Invested $78,556 to Attract $17 Million in R&D Funding
• The Perimeter Community Improvement Districts: Transportation and Connectivity Ensure Economic Success

September 8, 2008
• Survey Says: Corporate Decision Makers Define Best Practices in Economic Development Marketing
• Annual Conference Preview: A View from the Top with GE's John Rice

August 18, 2008
• America at Half a Billion People: How Do Economic Developers Prepare? An Interview with Arthur C. Nelson
• A Look at Richard Florida's Who's Your City from a Practitioner's Perspective

August 4, 2008
• Economic Development at $5 a Gallon
• Economic Gardening: How It Grows Depends on Where It's Planted

July 21, 2008
• Green Building, Retrofits, and the Economic Developer's Role
• IEDC Team Provides Economic Recovery Assistance for Cedar Rapids
• Economic Development Efforts Surging in South Africa

July 7, 2008
• Keeping Young Knowledge Workers Happy, In Your EDO and in Your Community
• Program Cuts at BEA, BLS Will Impact Data for Economic Developers
• Barriers to Chinese Investment in the U.S. Addressed at Recent Roundtable Convened by IEDC

June 23, 2008
• How Can Your Community Get a Piece of the Biotech Pie?
• Some Highlights from IEDC's Public Private Partnerships Conference: Four Trends & Ten Principles
• Summit Encourages Federal Investment in Metros, Clusters

June 9, 2008
• How to Transfer Technology from Smaller Colleges and Universities

May 19, 2008
• Under-Performing Retail Centers May Become 'Medical Malls' in Maryland
• How to Create and Maintain Dynamic Economic Development Websites

May 5, 2008
• How to Develop an Industrial Park on Land You Don't Own

April 21, 2008
• Highlights from IEDC's Federal Forum - Vital Knowledge on the Big Picture

April 7, 2008
• The Impact of the Housing Downturn on U.S. Communities

March 24, 2008
• Economic Development Programs Slashed in Proposed 2009 Federal Budget

March 10, 2008
• The Changing Auto Industry: Technology, Workforce and International Investment

February 25, 2008
• Economic Development in Post-Katrina New Orleans - With Disaster Comes Opportunity and New Ways of Thinking

February 11, 2008
• Leadership + Partnership = Strong Communities

January 22, 2008
• Innovations in Aviation Make Communities More Accessible

January 7, 2008
• A Tornado of Inspiration: Inventor Doug Hall
• Linking "Locavores" and Economic Development

December 10, 2007
• Using New Media To Communicate with Your Constituents
• Building a 21st Century Economy in America's Older Industrial Areas
• The Effect of the Housing Slowdown on Urban Revitalization

November 19, 2007
• Preparing the Next Generation of Economic Development Leaders

November 5, 2007
• Green Building, Green Jobs

October 22, 2007
• Inter-state Economic Development - Powered by Utilities

October 8, 2007
• The Key to Success in the 21st Century: Think Creatively

September 10, 2007
• A River Town's Rebirth: Moline, Illinois

August 20, 2007
• What is the Value of Municipal WiFi to Economic Development?

August 6, 2007
• Manufacturing Extension Partnerships: From Process Improvement to Growth Strategies

July 23, 2007
• Five Steps to Becoming a "Certified Entrepreneurial Community"

July 9, 2007
• Case Study for Urban Development: Tempe, Arizona

June 18, 2007
• The Retail Race: If you have the will, there is a way

June 4, 2007
• Tips for Developing Incentive Agreements That Work for Your Community

May 21, 2007
• Leveraging Patent Donation to Grow Technology-Based Businesses

May 7, 2007
• Measuring the Results of Your Ad Campaign

April 23, 2007
• Paying for Arts Facilities: A Big Job, and a Number of Ways to Do It

April 9, 2007
• As China Increases Investment Overseas, Should You Be Positioning Your Region for a Share?

March 19, 2007
• What's in a Brand? Some Insights from the Experts

March 5, 2007
• Planning for Prosperity in a Coming Era of Scarcity

February 19, 2007
• Why Youth Entrepreneurship Matters to You

February 5, 2007
• Growing Minority-Owned Businesses to Scale

January 22, 2007
• Renewable Energy, Part 2: A Look at Three Communities' Efforts

January 8, 2007
• Clean, Green, Alternative, Renewable - Using Energy to Make Economic Development