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Economic Development Now

Economic Development Now is the IEDC member newsletter produced in conjunction with the Economic Development Now blog. Archives are available to members as PDFs. Currently, archival issues from 2007 - 2013 are available. Preceding years are forthcoming.

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February 18, 2013
• Leadership in Economic Development: The 360-Degree Leader
• The Results Are In: IEDC Members’ Opinions on Incentives Practices

February 4, 2013
• Elevating the Incentives Debate: New York Times Incentives Series Author Louise Story Addresses IEDC’s Leadership Summit

January 22, 2013
• Being Alone, Together: Coworking as Economic Development
• Connecting Businesses, Customers and the Community: The CenterState Connect Mobile App

January 7, 2013
• Opportunities and Priorities in 2013: A Conversation with IEDC Board Chairman Paul Krutko
• New Partnership Expands IEDC’s Professional Development Expertise to South Africa

December 10, 2012
• How Berwyn Got the Development It Wanted on a High-Profile but Underperforming Block
• From the IEDC Clearinghouse: Information on Regional Initiatives, Innovation and Technology Corridors, and Business Ambassadors

November 19, 2012
• Leadership in Economic Development: Becoming a “Pinnacle” Leader
• Three Elements (and Two Examples) of Successful EDO Fundraising Campaigns

November 5, 2012
• Accelerating Success: Strategies to Support Growth-Oriented Companies
• Superstorm Sandy Highlights Six Priorities for Short-Term Economic Recovery

October 15, 2012
• A Year’s Worth of Learning in Four Days: Highlights from IEDC’s 2012 Annual Conference

September 24, 2012
• "Make this Your North Star": Creating and Executing an Effective Strategic Plan
• A Focus on Leadership and the Next Generation Earns Pablo Diaz IEDC's 2012 New Economic Development Professional of the Year Award

September 10, 2012
• Is an Incubator Right for Your Community? Here’s What You Should Consider
• IEDC’s Brown Bag Lunch Series: Interns Share What They Learned This Summer
• Be Prepared to Deal with a Disaster’s Economic Impacts with These Tools

August 20, 2012
• Leadership in Economic Development: Achieving the Extraordinary
• Heads or Tails – The UK Trade & Investment Coin
• Using Connections to Attract FDI: ConnectIreland Taps into the Irish Diaspora

August 6, 2012
• Five Keys to a Successful Business Retention & Expansion Program
• Wisdom from Experience: Talking with Wayne Schell, Former President of the California Association for Local Economic Development

July 16, 2012
• Making the Next Right Move: Observations on the Job Market for Economic Development Professionals
• Life on the Mississippi: How Davenport Got Its Riverfront Back

July 2, 2012
• Growing Food to Grow Local (and National) Economies
• The Time Is Right to Grow the Urban Food Industry Cluster
• Five Resources for Growing Local Food Economies, Plus Some Promising Ideas

June 18, 2012
• What Economic Developers Can Do to Build on the Small Wave in Manufacturing Re-shoring
• Fab Labs, Hackerspaces and the DIY Culture: Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Manufacturing

June 4, 2012
• Expanding Rail to Expand Business: The Franklin Yards Transload Facility
• Setting Up an EB-5 Regional Center: Is It Right for Your Community?

May 21, 2012
• Leadership in Economic Development: Inspire a Shared Vision
• A Rural County Turns to the Internet for Jobs – No Incentives Required

May 7, 2012
• New Realities for Economic Development Organizations
• Four Steps for Smart Lead Generation from the BRICs (and Elsewhere)

April 16, 2012
• Southern Indiana’s Successful Regional Approach to Business Retention and Expansion
• Four Steps to Creating an Effective Key Message Platform

April 2, 2012
• Local and Regional Groups Take Manufacturing Skill-Building into Their Own Hands

March 19, 2012
• IEDC’s 2012 Federal Review: Learn About Federal Action Affecting Economic Development
• Merging Two Economic Development Groups: How York, Pa., Got It Done

March 5, 2012
• Setting Economic Development Priorities Before and After a Disaster: Joplin’s Experience
• Understanding the BRICs as a Source of Foreign Direct Investment

February 20, 2012
• Knowledge is Power: Working Effectively with Site Selectors
• Leadership in Economic Development: Model the Way

February 6, 2012
• Leadership Competency Models: Tools for Enhancing Individual Skills and EDO Effectiveness
• The State of the Economic Development Industry: Trends, Job Growth, and What to Expect in 2012

January 23, 2012
• The Advisory Board Council: A Low-Cost Way to Help Second-Stage Companies
• Manufacturing, Skill Building, and Economic Developers as Educators: IEDC Board Chairman Jay Moon Shares His Perspective
• Building Disaster-Resilient Economies: How the Economic Development Administration Can Assist in Post-Disaster Economic Recovery

January 9, 2012
• Using Relationships to Go Global
• Why the SBA 504 Program Should Be Part of Every Economic Developer’s Toolkit

December 12, 2011
• Green Manufacturing: What's Behind Europe's Strength, Plus Efforts to Boost the Sector in Cleveland
• In Redevelopment Financing, Sometimes You Just Have to Follow the Arrows
• Henry Cisneros on Economic Development: "I Have Great Faith in the American Economy to Surprise Us"

November 21, 2011
• You Asked, They Answered: Site Consultants Speak Their Minds
• Today's Tough Retail Environment: Trends to Know and Tips for Action
• IEDC Supports the Marketplace Fairness Act - Here's Why

November 7, 2011
• Leadership in Economic Development: Going from Good to Great
• Getting What You Want from Your Consultant: Four Smart Practices
• Update: Aided by Social Media, Halifax Scores Shipbuilding Opportunity

October 17, 2011
• Jobs in the Making: Economic Development Strategies to Grow Manufacturing
• Make It in America - Make It Happen

October 3, 2011
• What Did You Miss? IEDC Annual Conference Highlights
• A View from Corporate America: Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing
• Winning Ideas on Job Creation

September 12, 2011
• Engaging Stakeholder Volunteers in Cluster Targeting, Part 2
• Food Safety Initiative Combines Disaster Prevention with Economic Development
• The American Jobs Act: What President Obama Asked for Last Week

August 22, 2011
• Cluster Targeting: A Method for Educating and Engaging Stakeholder Volunteers
• Leadership in Economic Development: A Look at Servant Leadership
• What the Debt Deal Means for Economic Developers

August 8, 2011
• From Historic Decay to Historic Rebirth: Choosing the Right Partners Is Key

July 18, 2011
• Landing the Big One: A Case Study of Business Attraction Do's and Don'ts
• Budget Pressures, Sales Tax Issues Complicate Amazon's Relationship with States

July 5, 2011
• The "Original Team Sport:" Lessons in Regionalism and Leadership from ED Pros
• Why Disaster Prep Matters to Economic Development: Five Critical Steps to Building Resilience in Your Community
• Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Talk to Your Local Public Radio Station about Economic Development

June 20, 2011
• It Takes More than Bricks and Mortar to Revitalize a Neighborhood (Plus Ten Lessons for Success in Community Development)
• Lessons in Rural Disaster Recovery: The Case of Greensburg, Kansas
• Commerce's New SelectUSA Initiative Aims to Increase Investment in the U.S.

June 6, 2011
• GrowFL Brings Economic Gardening to the Sunshine State, Resulting in a Replicable Model
• National Radio Program Misrepresents the Economic Development Profession: A Response from IEDC
• Tips from the Field: Helping Your Leaders Understand Economic Development

May 23, 2011
• Increasing Small Loans in Underserved Markets: SBA Engages Community-Based, Non-Profit Lenders
• Financing Deals in Today's Lending Climate: A Case Study of a Tough Project
• Creating Internship and Cooperative Education Student Programs: A Guide for Economic Development Organizations

May 9, 2011
• Healthcare: Rx for Economic Growth
• How Ethical Are Your Marketing and Communication Efforts? Consider These Six Aspects
• Improving Lives in the South Central U.S.: Pedro R. Garza, Winner of IEDC's 2011 Leadership in Economic Development Programs Award

April 25, 2011
• Incentives 101: How to Craft an Effective MOU
• What to Do When a Company Is Out of Compliance (or, Incentives 201)
• How Will the 2011 Federal Budget Agreement Affect Economic Development?

April 4, 2011
• Research Update: The Changed Manufacturing Landscape and Its Impact on Business Attraction
• Rethinking Your M.O. in Tough Times: Let Your Companies Set the Agenda
• IEDC Celebrates 85 Years of Service to the Economic Development Profession

March 21, 2011
• What Makes a High-Performing Economic Development Organization?
• New IEDC Resources Help You Understand What's Happening in Washington and Its Impact on Economic Development

March 7, 2011
• Help Your Local Elected Officials Help You
• In 2011, a Focus on Leadership in Economic Development, Plus a View from the Top

February 21, 2011
• Unlocking Entrepreneurship: The Key to 21st Century Economic Development Success
• Skillshed: Bridging the Gap between Employers' Needs and Workforce Skills
• Five Tenets for Developing, Diversifying and Protecting Island Economies

February 7, 2011
• Using Workforce Dollars to Save Jobs and Spur Hiring: A Workforce Board Invests in Management Training to Strengthen Local Companies
• The State of the Economic Development Industry in 2011
• 2010 Salary Survey Results Now Available: Learn Who Earns the Most and Why

January 18, 2011
• YourEconomy.org: Numbers That Can Rock Your Perspective
• Are You Prepared to Help Your Economy Recover from a Disaster? RestoreYourEconomy.org Is Just the Tool You Need
• Time to Help our Colleagues "Down Under" in Queensland

January 3, 2011
• Logistics, Cargo Movement and Economic Development, Part 2: Four Suggestions for U.S. EDOs
• One University, Many Roles in a City's Economic Development Strategy

December 13, 2010
• How Will Changing U.S. Logistics and Cargo Movement Patterns Impact Economic Development?
• Existing Relationships Help Turn a Brownfield into a Business Expansion Coup

November 22, 2010
• Economic Development-Higher Education Partnerships: Five Ways to Keep Momentum Growing
• How EDOs Can Work with Invest in America to Attract FDI

November 8, 2010
• Is a Business Incubator a Good Strategy for Your Community?
• IEDC Ethics Education: Promoting an Ethical Culture in Your EDO

October 25, 2010
• Five Ways That EDOs Can Position Themselves for Foreign Direct Investment

October 11, 2010
• Getting the Most Out of Google, Facebook, and Other Web Tools for Economic Development
• Are We Prepared? Are Our Communities Prepared?
• EDA's Fernandez to Conference Attendees: "The key is creating bottom-up economic growth"

September 20, 2010
• IEDC Teams Completing Oil Spill Economic Recovery Work in 21 Gulf Coast Communities
• High-Growth Firms: The Key to Job Creation, Already in Your Back Yard
• The Role of Local Elected Officials in Economic Development: 10 Things You Should Know

August 30, 2010
• Competition for Attraction Projects: Seven "P"s of Corporate Site Selection
• Expediting Retail with a One-Stop Shop

August 2, 2010
• Using Stakeholder Relations to Enact a Strategic Plan - or, Don't Try to Plant Cut Flowers
• Strategic Planning in a Day
• How to Conduct a Community Conversation

July 19, 2010
• Creating Awareness and Value of a Vacant Site: Get Partners, and Get Them Early
• After Years of Decay, Tax Increment Financing Is Remaking North Fort Collins
• Five Big Flops in Economic Development

July 6, 2010
• View from Terrebonne Parish, La.: An Economic Landscape Permanently Altered
• IEDC's Work with Gulf Coast Communities Continues with New EDA Funding
• From Exxon Valdez to BP Deepwater Horizon: Transferring Knowledge and Experience

June 21, 2010
• Five Tips for Using CEOs Effectively in Recruitment and Marketing
• Social Media for Manufacturers: The Waterloo Manufacturing Innovation Network

June 7, 2010
• New Report from IEDC Explores Economic Development in a Transforming Energy Economy
• Research Brief: Direct Funding Methods for EDOs

May 24, 2010
• Strengthening the Profession: IEDC Board Moves Forward with Ethics Initiative for Economic Developers
• Out of Crisis, Momentum for a Better City
• "Auto Communities and the Next Economy" Event Focuses on New Resources, Strategies, and Reasons for Optimism

May 10, 2010
• With Vision, Leadership and Federal Funding, a Downtown Is Gaining New Life
• Fighting the Recession: An SBDC Helps Companies Find New Markets

April 26, 2010
• The Public Sector's Critical Role in Spurring Innovation and Entrepreneurship

April 12, 2010
• Creating Quality Jobs: Transforming the Economic Development Landscape

March 29, 2010
• Persistence Keeps Public-Private Projects Moving, Even Through the Recession
• Why the Census is Critical to Economic Development

March 15, 2010
• Survey Finds Economic-Workforce Development Collaborations Are the “New Normal”
• In Southwest Missouri, Economic and Workforce Developers Achieve Results through Real Collaboration

February 22, 2010
• Author Joel Kotkin at IEDC's Leadership Conference: Prepare for a Diverse, Older America
• The Care and Feeding of a Biotech Firm, Plus Lessons from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund

February 8, 2010
• How Have Your Peers Fared in the Recession?
• IEDC's Economic Development Research Partners Release A Guide to Understanding the Stimulus

January 19, 2010
• Improving the Federal Response to Post-Disaster Economic Recovery

January 4, 2010
• The CEcD Exam: Success Comes with Preparation
• Why National-Level Inward Investment Promotion Matters to the United States

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