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Market your consulting firm to thousands of economic development professionals...for less than a dollar a day. Accessible to all 1000-plus daily visitors to the IEDC website, the online Consultant Database simplifies the process of matching consultants with individuals and organizations seeking their services.

Participating consultants will be able to provide detailed company information and list multiple offices/contacts, while individuals searching for consultants will be able to search by a variety of criteria, including location, areas of economic development specialization, and certified practitioners.

Let IEDC help clients find you.


Annual Fee Structure


Primary Listing

Additional Listing

IEDC Member


$50 each



$100 each

Listing additional contacts or branch offices can help promote your organization if an individual is searching the database by state or region.


Sample Listing

Upon generating hits for a search of certified Texas consultants who specialize in Real Estate Development & Planning, the following list would be generated (note that IEDC Members receive priority listing, in bold):

Donaldson & Associates
Austin, Texas

Houston, Texas

Tiller Consulting, LLP
Abilene, Texas

DeLillo Development
Fort Worth, Texas

Lone Star Planning
Dallas, Texas

Upon selecting Donaldson & Associates, the following primary listing would be presented:

Donaldson & Associates
2146 Cedar Avenue
Austin, Texas
Phone: (512) 555-1234
Fax: (512) 555-9876
Email: info@eddonaldson.com
Web site: www.eddonaldson.com

With over 15 years experience in 8 states and 3 countries, Donaldson & Associates provides proven answers to complex problems in real estate development and planning, commerical market analysis, and neighborhood community development.

If Donaldson & Associates had contacts or branch offices in other parts of the country, each additional listing would further market their services to individuals searching these particular states.



If you have questions or would like more information regarding the Consultant Database, please contact Phil Goodwin via email at pgoodwin@iedconline.org.