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Site Selection Data Standards

In 2016, IEDC's in-house think-tank, the Economic Development Research Partners collaborated with the Site Selectors' Guild to write the research paper, A New Standard: Achieving Data Excellence in Economic Development. This paper is a paradigm-shifting update to the data standards spreadsheet that explains how trends in data availability have made such laborious data-gathering nearly obsolete.

While there may be some benefit to filling out a large worksheet, such as having a depository of in depth knowledge of your community, our research indicates that these benefits would not extend to the site selectors that are considering your area. Due to the increased availability of data, site selectors are able to access specific data about potential locations faster through online sources than through economic development offices. The new research paper features surveys from both site selectors and economic developers, as well as case studies and a list of over 60 sources of information, both private and public.

The paper is available at no charge for members to download. Non-IEDC members can purchase it in the bookstore for $75.